21 thoughts on “How hackers hack others WhatsApp/Facebook/Google/Instagram account | தமிழில் | explained in tamil | program hack facebook”

  1. Guys, there are lot of spam and bots in the comment section claiming that they offer some kind of tool or they know someone on instagram who could hack Instagram. As I've already mentioned in the video it's nearly impossible to do so and those persons claiming that they can hack an account is completely FAKE
    Please don't fall to their bait
    I've tried my best to delete all those spams but they are keep on coming .
    I really don't want to remove the comment section as I has a great impact on YouTube algorithm
    So be safe

  2. I’ve never been so much happy and proud of the decision I made last week to hire the diligent expertise of avelhack on insta whom remotely got me access into the account of my business partner

  3. This video is so clearly fake that I can't believe people actually get fooled by like this. If you wish to hack anyone's facebook account then absolutely use Facebook Password Sniper. I don't know what the download link is, but you can find it on one of the search engines (google) 🙂

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