OST Korean Drama 2020 – The Best (Part 2) | series korea 2016

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OST Korean Drama 2020 – The Best (Part 2)

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Most of you asked me to share part 2, there is it, I hope you enjoying this video 🤗🤗
Thank You For Watching 🙂
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OST Korean Drama 2020 - The Best (Part 2)

Favorite Korean Drama OST Playlist

Kdrama OST playlist part 1
My absolute all time favorite songs in one video, I always come back to listen to these songs. I want to share this with you guys and hopefully you might end up liking some of them!!\\
Beautiful OST Goblin…. realized after posting.
00:00 For You Scarlet Heart Ryeo
03:18 Stay With Me Goblin
06:25 Say Yes Scartlet Heart Ryeo
10:00 Talk Love Descendant of The Sun
13:35 Beautiful Goblin
17:04 Saranghamnida Saranghae, I love You
20:47 Return School 2015 : Who Are You
24:30 Be warmed DaVichi ft Jint
28:15 I will Go to You Like The First Snow Goblin
32:00 This Love Descendant of The Sun
35:30 It’s You While You Were Sleeping
39:20 When Then Night Falls While You Were Sleeping
42:58 We Were in Love Tara ft DaVichi
46:29 Always Descendant of The Sun
49:46 I Think I Love You Full House
53:44 Good Bye My Love Fated to Love
58:00 Over Time Baek Ji young
1:01:44 I Listen To What You Have To Say School 2015 : Who Are You
1:04:58 Stand By Me Boys Over Flower
1:09:00 In Your Eyes To The Beautiful You
1:13:24 Love Song School 2015 : Who Are You
1:16:50 Because I Miss You Heart String
1:21:22 It’s Me To The Beautiful You
1:25:01 I Love You Boys While You Were Sleeping
1:29:25 U To The Beautiful You
1:32:58 Incurable Diseases Secret Love
1:36:40 Losing My Mind My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho
1:40:05 Perhaps Love Princess Hour
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No copyright intended.This video is just for entertainment purpose only. All right belong to the original owners of the photos, videos, and song used.

Favorite Korean Drama OST Playlist

1 Hour KPOP OST RELAXING PIANO Collection for Studying and Sleeping

Here is a compilation of my KDrama piano covers 😁 It includes covers dating back to 3 years ago! All covers are played by me.
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공부 할때 듣는 음악

1 Hour KPOP OST RELAXING PIANO Collection for Studying and Sleeping

글로리데이 메인 예고편 – One Way Trip Trailer [Korean Drama 2016] HD

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글로리데이 메인 예고편
One Way Trip Main Trailer
개봉일(Release Date) : 2016년 3월 24일(Release Date in Korea : 2016/03/24)
장르(Genre) : 드라마(Drama)
감독(Director) : 최정열(Choi Jeongyeol)
출연(Cast) : 지수(Jisoo), 수호(Suho), 류준열(Ryu Junyeol), 김희찬(Kim Heechan)
줄거리(Synopsis) : 내일 해병대 입대를 하는 친구를 위해 친구 넷이 포항에 간다. 친구들은 그곳에서 남자에게 매맞는 여자를 구해주고 뒤이어 경찰에 쫓기는 신세가 되는데
This is a comingofage movie depicting an accident that happened overnight and has flipped over the fate of the four 19 year old friends.
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글로리데이 메인 예고편 - One Way Trip Trailer [Korean Drama 2016] HD

OST Korean Drama 2016

OST Korean Drama 2016

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