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UNREAL places in Lofoten, Norway

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูความรู้เพิ่มเติมที่นี่

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UNREAL places in Lofoten, Norway

Norway in 8K ULTRA HD HDR – Most peaceful Country in the World (60 FPS)

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1. Beautiful green nature with mountain in Norway 0:00​
2. A fountain has flowed from the hill in \”Glacier Kjenndalsbreen\” 0:16​
3. The wind turbine during sunset 0:29​
4. A little fountain has flowed from mountain 0:42​
5. Aerial view of Lovatnet lake in Norway 0:52​
6. Aerial view of Lovatnet lake and Mountain with road 1:05​
7. Norwegian winter with clouds Timelapse 1:20​
8. Beautiful sunset over the fjord 1:28​
9. Beautiful landscape in Norway with motorhome caravan 1:36​
10. Crystal clear water in Norway lake 1:52​
11. Beautiful nature with mountain and lake in Norway 2:00​
12. Aesthetic sky from mountain at Evening 2:08​
13. Sunset over the clouds and timelapse view from mountain 2:16​
14. Beautiful nature with mountain and lake in Norway (part 2) 2:24​
15. Norway beautiful green mountain and cloud’s timelapse 2:32​
16. Sognefjord Fjord in Norway drone view 2:40​
17. Aurlandsfjord Fjord in Norway aerial view 2:49​
18. Pink sky at Twilight time 3:04​
19. Night of the Northern Lights (aurora) in Norway 3:12
20. Lovatnet lake with blue water 3:28
21. Beautiful Natural landscape in Norway 3:43
22. Geiranger fjord in Norway drone view 3:58
23. Twostorey house in the village, Norway 4:13
24. Wood bridge over the mountain river in Norway 4:29
25. Lighthouse on the shores of the Blue Sea 4:36
26. Oslo Capital of Norway Aerial View 4:53
27. Lovatnet lake with clouds Drone view 5:01
28. The wind turbine during sunset (part 2) 5:17
29. Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway 5:43
30. The Rural area in Norway 5:55
31. Oslo Opera House in a sunny day 6:11
32. Lofoten island in Norway Aerial view 6:18
33. Beautiful river and blue sky in Norway 6:34
34. Atlantic Ocean Road, Road in Norway 6:43
35. Beautiful river and blue sky in Norway (Part 2) 6:53
36. Snowcapped mountains in sunny day 7:12
37. Lofoten beach in Lofoten island 7:27
38. Night scenery Reinebringen in Norway 7:49
39. Campsite with lake in Drone view 7:59
40. Rainy day over the fjord green mountain 8:16
41. Lofotenisland sunset time in NordlandNorway 8:28
42. Lovatnet lake with green water and clouds 8:45
43. Fogy sunset over the Snowcapped mountains 9:04
44. Latefossen waterfall aerialview 9:14
45. Oslo city drone footage in Norway 9:32
46. Timelapse of fjord snowcapped mountains 9:53
47. Aerialfootage over the clouds in beautiful Norway 10:03
48. Oslo city aerial view Norway 10:30
49. Night of the Northern Lights from westen Norway 10:58
50. Atlantic Ocean Road, Road in Norway (Part 2) 11:08
51. Oslo city aerial view at night landscape 11:35
52. Alta waterfall at spring in Norway 12:04
53. Beautiful little waterfall in rural area 12:20
54. Lofotenisland beach with blue water 12:32
55. Lindesnes Lighthouse with blue ocean 13:25
56. lofoten in spring with clouds and hill 13:39
57. Fog over the Norwegian valley in Norway 14:09
58. Lofotenisland beach aerial view 14:19
59. Fishing Village Reine at night in Norway 14:55
60. The wind turbine during sunset (Part 3) 15:05
61. Lovatnet Lake with green field in Norway 15:25
62. Lovatnet Lake with clouds Timelapse in Norway 15:42
63. Geirangerfjord with red tent timelapse 16:11
64. Beautiful landscape in Norway with motorhome caravan ( part 2) 16:19
65. Aesthetic Clouds with hills 16:35
66. The wind turbine during sunset (Part 4) 16:43
67. Flying over the clouds with Lovatnet Lake 16:54
68. Oslo city aerial view Norway (part 2) 17:11
69. Over clouds timelapse with sunset 17:23
70. A little fountain has flowed from mountain (part 2) 17:33
71. Flying over the clouds with Lovatnet Lake (part 2) 17:41
72. Geiranger fjord Drone view 17:59
73. Lofotenisland sunset time in NordlandNorway ( part 2) 18:14
74. Norangsdalen with little cottage and hill 18:39
75. Flying over the clouds with Lovatnet Lake (part 3) 18:47
76. Rural area in Norway 19:03
77. Beautiful green nature with mountain in Norway ( part 2) 19:10
78. End Title 19:22
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Norway in 8K ULTRA HD HDR - Most peaceful Country in the World (60 FPS)

Lofoten \u0026 Northern Norway Travel Guide | Full Itinerary

This travel guide will cover most of what is needed to know before doing a 1012 day road trip through Northern Norway and Lofoten, starting and ending in Tromsø. Learn about all the best things to do in the area (including the best hikes), as well as information regarding weather, currency, accommodations, food, transportation, time of year to visit, and major trip costs.
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:::: More Resources ::::
Earthtrekkers Lofoten Itinerary: https://www.earthtrekkers.com/10daylofotenislandsnorthernnorwayitinerary/
68 North: http://www.68north.com/
Official Lofoten Tourism: https://lofoten.info/lofoten
Official Tromso Tourism: https://www.visittromso.no/
Official Senja Toursim: https://www.visitsenja.no/en
:::: Detailed Itinerary ::::
Day 1: Fly into Tromsø
Day 2: Visit Tromsø, hike Ørnfløya, night in Sommarøy
Day 3: Ferry from Brensholmen to Senja, hike Segla, night in Gryllefjord
Day 4: Ferry from Gryllefjord to Andenes, hike Måtind, night in Nordmela
Day 5: Drive from Nordmela to Svolvaer (via Sortland), night hike Svolvaer Fløya
Day 6: Day trip from Svolvaer to visit Henningsvaer
Day 7: Drive from Svolvaer to Hamnøy, visit Haukland \u0026 Uttakleiv beaches, Lofotr Viking Museum, \u0026 Nusfjord en route
Day 8: Hike Mount Ryten
Day 9: Hike Helvetestinden (ferry from Reine to Vindstad to trailhead)
Day 10: Drive from Hamnøy to Bogen, hike from Unstad to Eggum on the way
Day 11: Drive from Bogen to Tromsø
Day 12: Depart Tromsø
Leave any additional questions in comments!

Lofoten \u0026 Northern Norway Travel Guide | Full Itinerary

LOFOTEN ISLANDS | 4K | Norway’s beautiful landscape!

Lofoten is an archipelago and a traditional district in the county of Nordland in Norway. Lofoten has distinctive scenery and is one of the world’s northernmost populated regions with a lot of breathtaking villages like of Reine. With red and white fishermen’s huts dotting and surrounding rocks of granite shooting out of the Reinefjorden, the village has earned a reputation as “the most beautiful place in the world.
With this video, I again had the opportunity to focus entirely on editing, video design and the combination of shots and music to create my own personal image of this unique place.
I hope you enjoy the sights and that you like what you see. And of course I would be happy if you like and comment it, and please feel free to share the link to my video. Thanks a lot in advance.
The music title „The Greatest“ was composed by Richard Canavan and licensed via Premiumbeat. 
The shots were taken by Dominick Anskis and licensed via Artgrid.

LOFOTEN ISLANDS | 4K | Norway’s beautiful landscape!

THE HYPE IS REAL: Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands, Norway The Lofoten islands off the northern coast of Norway, are home to some of the most beautiful and rugged stretches of landscape I’ve ever seen.
Our journey to Lofoten actually started in the city of Bodø, where we spent the day exploring the city and the saltstraumen maelstrom before catching the ferry from Bodo to Lofoten (Moskenes).

The saltstraumen is one of the best things to do in Bodo, as it is a small strait that connects the sea and a fjord with one of the strongest tidal currents in the world.
This wild whirlpool of boils and vortex’s happens when tides change and water funnels through the strait.

From our basecamp in Sorvagen, we have two days to explore the best things to do in Lofoten, on the southern islands, before needing to report to the capital city of Svolvaer for a dream event.
Our first stop is on the southern end of Moskenes Island at little fishing village called Å Once a town that specialized in stockfish, it’s main income now is tourism, although, there isn’t many people around this time of year which is actually one of the big reasons why we came in March.

Next up, its the oldest and perhaps most picturesque fishing village in the Lofoten Archipelago Hamnøy

And just a few minutes back down the E10, is Reine. The 69acre village is the administrative center of Moskenes Municipality, has a population of 314 people, and it’s major lifeline is very easy to see and smell.
Cod or Skrei, is known as the Norwegian Miracle.
Skrei comes from one of the world’s largest and most sustainably managed cod stocks.
Although it doesn’t seem like it here, only 10% of over 400 million migrating cod are caught and branded skrei.
All over the Lufoten islands between February and May, you’ll see an endless supply of drying cod on these giant wooden racks.
They’re left out here for about three months, before being brought inside to mature for up to another 12 months.
Stockfish is the countries longest sustained export commodity, going all the way back to the viking days.

We also stopped at Anita’s for her classic fish burger and finished the day at Ramberg beach (Rambergstranda).
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THE HYPE IS REAL: Lofoten Islands, Norway

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